Friday, 24 October 2014

My first blog!

The term has started and it feels like the first couple of weeks have just breezed by. It’s the almost the end of October…. Meaning the sun is way behind us. Need to adjust to the weather changes, “Not planning to have a fever winter”. Sooo had to treat myself with a coat for the winter season!!!
Besides the weather… the actual reason why I’m here which is “Graduation”. Well; starting to feel the big jump from 2nd year to 3rd year. However, being a 3rd year student doesn’t happen by chance therefore I have to stay motivated and plan things accordingly.
Talking about libraries… the Stockwell library is currently up and running. I had the chance last week to be there for the first time to actually do some work.  To give you a brief insight, the building has 5 floors… more open space than you can imagine. Only problem is that it could be a pain when trying to locate books, I need to get in the mix of things Asap!!!

It’s the weekend tomorrow and I’m free as usual… need to relax the mind after a hard long week at assignments… the downside is… the same all over again next week.