Thursday, 11 December 2014

No stress...yet...

Hi guys, I know it has been a while since my last blog. However I have had some interesting stuff going at the same time.

First of all winter is well under-way…. with darkness overshadowing the light…often.

So what has changed since my last blog? Alotttttt!!!!

I realised that past comments made on third year (Final year) are actually facts. Yesss, at times you will be literally living in the library, the only thing missing would be pillows and a blanket. Scaredd yet….

On the other hand life in general is good at Greenwich, and future plans are getting closer and closer each day...

Social life has not changed since I first started my programme with the university. On Wednesdays it’s activities day and that’s where social events take place on a weekly basis throughout the 3 main campuses. There is something somewhere somehow for everyone to take part in.

I have to mention the dissertation. Third year…10,000 words!!  So far it has been a great experience, I have not been stressing as much as I thought I would because the university has created a new template where students have to send the draft in early. This is to avoid students falling back and experiencing tremendous amount of stress in final year.

Overall I’m just looking forward to Christmas and the holidays…. To Be Continued…