About Me

Hi, my name is Nabil and I am on my final year studying Business with Human and Resources Management. I have always been keen to pursue business as a career as I believe that a lucrative business can help the local community in different ways, whether it’s creating more jobs for the local community or attracting different types of visitors to the neighbourhood.
So it’s my final year at the University and programmes are currently in progress. The term “mixed emotions” makes lots of sense now, I am feeling excited, anxious and on the edge. However I need to remind myself the fact that it’s almost the end of the road in regards to studies and that the motivation for this year would be “Graduation”.
This year it’s going to be a hectic one as I will be completing the biggest project to date *Dissertation* as well as getting involved with the business school employability voluntary workshops and supporting myself with a part-time work placement within the university.

My main aim after graduation is to travel to the Middle-East specifically (Qatar) and work as part of the new global movement. But it will definitely be in the business with human resources sector.

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